Welcome Quilters

Well here we go for my very first blog post.  Brian and Tara said to just write about what you are working on and what inspires me.  Lots of quilts inspire me, that is a problem.  So, I keep writing down ideas and projects that I want to share with everyone and you will be hearing about them as time goes on.  First and foremost, for about a month now, I have been designing and working on a new pattern for a Block of the Month for Quilted-Connections – Let’s just say QC for short.  A while back I spotted a quilt someplace that I couldn’t get out of my head and it started the wheels turning.  If you know me at all, you know that I love creating something different.  So I went to my computer and started designing blocks on my Electric Quilt (EQ8) program.  If you have never seen or used EQ8, it is a quilt designing program that has a function to draw quilt blocks, or it has pre-drawn ones too.  You can color them using fabrics and then insert them into the quilt design.  The great thing is, you can print them as paper piecing, rotary cutting or templates and change the size.  Woohoo!  It is fun and very addictive. You can use my code of VERNITAEQ8 to use through February 28th of 15% to purchase the EQ program, click here.

Anyway, one thing led to another and before you know it, I was engulfed in this project and was planning on doing a full size quilt.  Time is of the essence though, so it became either a bed runner or a lap quilt.  I showed Brian what I wanted to do and he told Tara and before you know it, it is going to be a BOM.  Here we go - Ready for another project?  Just say “sure”.  The shop has some scrumptious fabrics coming in that are perfect for the project.  Unfortunately because of Covid-19 some fabrics are being delayed, but there is a new line coming soon – Flowers for Freya that will work super.  And I love the new line by Jen Kingwell - Winkipop.  That may have to go into my cart.  Admire this line on  the website here.           

After tweaking the pattern several times, well more than several, and making the blocks to see if they really worked (stash is our friend these days), I said it was time to make the real thing.  I decided and purchased the Stealth line by Libs Elliott from QC.   I absolutely love the texture and the silky feel.  Andover does a fabulous job.  I imported all these new fabrics into the EQ8 system and kept playing around to see the results – think I really like doing this.   I ran short on the border fabrics, so thanks to QC they came in the mail the next day.  I am happy to say that the quilt is done, pressed and I took it to the long arm quilter.  Quilting it is something that I do not do.  I leave that up to the experts.  I really like the outcome and I hope you will too.   Do you see the sneak peak of one of the blocks?

I am almost done writing the pattern and since my goal is March 1st, guess I had better get busy.   Oh, by the way, that is also one of my son’s birthday and also National Pig Day.  Go figure!!

Guess you could say, between sitting at my desk working on the computer or at the sewing machine is how I spend most of my days and sometimes nights.  Waking up in the middle of the night with an idea is not unusual.  Just wish I could share my thoughts with someone at 3 o’clock in the morning.  Can’t call Brian or Tara to wake them up, any volunteers??

Keep watch, because there is more to share in the following days.  News about Quilted-Connections first ever BOM is about to break.   I am so excited about this new venture with QC. It is a fun ride and there is more fun ahead.     Talk in a couple days.   



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